FAMILY ADVENTURES: Southern Oregon Guided Trips

Southern Oregon is an outdoor adventure theme park really.  Only it’s not contrived or tamed.  Here we have the Real Oregon Experience.  Real people. Real Fun. Real Adventure.  Nearly all outdoor adventures can be found here.  Consider the amenities: Crater Lake National Park. Lava Beds National Monument. A multitude of lakes and rivers. Mountains. Wilderness Areas. Volcanoes. Rafting. Fishing. Kayaking. Zip lining. Paddle Boarding. Geocaching. Rock Climbing.  Horseback Riding. What?!    Right! So ROE doesn’t guide all of that but we offer a lot.  We can’t wait for you to get here and have some fun!

You can be paddling a kayak, SUP or raft within minutes of just about anywhere you stay in the Klamath Basin.  And if a guided trip isn’t really what your looking for we rent kayaks and paddle boards too!


Fishing, Hunting, Kayaking, and Zipline Adventures Await!


Explore Many Rivers & Fishing Styles


Hunt With Experienced Guides for Various Types of Game


Kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboard Adventures Await!


3 Hours of Exhilarating Adventure & Mountain Views