Why Choose ROE?


Your Southern Oregon Adventure is Here!


ROE. Real Oregon Experience. Guided adventures in Oregon. Its what we do. ROE, while its a great company name, just happens to be our last name too! Of course it also means fish eggs.  So who are we? Darren and Jenifer Roe own and operate ROE and have since 1984 when Darren branched out on his own to guide fisherman, bird hunters and big game hunters.

In the early years, Darren guided whitewater rafting, fisherman and hunters for other area outfitters. For the last 30 years we have grown our company in the Klamath Basin. We’ve added additional adventures as we’ve seen a need from visitors and locals for a guided option on adventures throughout the Klamath Basin and Rogue Valley. ROE offers fly fishing, rafting, sport fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, bird hunting, bird watching and fishing and hiking tours at Crater Lake National Park.  We also recently opened Crater Lake Zipline, a 9 zip tour on the way to Crater Lake National Park.

We love the Klamath Basin. We live and play here. We work hard to offer a variety of fun and family friendly adventures that appeal to beginning adventure seekers and serious sportsman too. We’ve learned a lot over the 30+ years that we’ve been guiding adventure seekers about what folks are looking for and try to meet their needs. Not everyone has the same hopes for their trip so we try to find out what it is that is important for you.Our biggest hope for you when you join us is that you will connect with each other and connect with the outdoors. These are two areas that many people are severely deprived! Here’s an observation about the people we have the privilege of guiding.  Many don’t get to spend enough time with family and friends and most are starving for time outdoors playing!

So, while we hope to help you catch fish, tackle rapids, harvest birds or learn to paddle a kayak, its more than that. We hope to take some of the pressure off so you can enjoy being outside with your family and friends and enjoy a real, Oregon experience. That’s who we are and what we do. Welcome to ROE.


ROE is your gateway to adventure in Southern Oregon. We’ve been guiding families and friends on the rivers, lakes and through the forests and fields of this region since 1984. We consider it a privilege to share in your adventure to Southern Oregon and we are excited to introduce you to all that we love and admire about the area.

Southern Oregon is a bit unexpected for many visitors. If you’re picturing rainy landscapes and people keeping it weird, then you’ve got the TV show Portlandia on the brain. We are dramatically different. Start thinking, sunny, high desert with lots of forests and wide open spaces. The backyard of Crater Lake National Park is carved to perfection by astonishing river canyons and spring creeks so blue you’ll think we used ink.

The people of Southern Oregon are as diverse as the landscape. You’ll be grabbing a coffee with cowboys in dusty hats, farmers in ball caps, artists in jeans and actors in, well, that varies too! Point is Southern Oregon will likely surprise you with it’s rural friendly feel and an underlying current of super suave. That’s part of the magic here. The people. You’ll come for an awesome adventure of fly fishing or rafting, ziplineing or kayaking but you’re likely to visit us again and again because of the people you’ll meet along the way. Its easy to feel a part of the community here. So welcome and make yourself at home!


Estimated Travel Time From:
Klamath Falls Oregon – 15 min
Medford Oregon – 1 hour
Ashland Oregon – 1 hour
Crater Lake National Park – 1 hour
Crater Lake Zipline – 20 minutes
Williamson River – 30 minutes
Wood River – 30 minutes
Klamath River 30 minutes
Rogue River 1 hour
Klamath Lake – 5 minutes
4 Mile Lake – 30 minutes
Lake of the Woods – 25 minutes