Southern Oregon Kayaking Trips

Spring Creeks, Wetlands and Mountain Lakes. There are an abundance of spots for paddling a kayak on calm and meandering water in the Klamath Basin.
It’s a great place to learn and explore!

The Klamath Basin has many freshwater marshes, mountain lakes and slow moving spring creeks offering excellent quiet water paddling opportunities. Each waterway offers spectacular views of the marsh, open lake, mountains, forest or meadows. Birds and other wildlife can be abundant as you explore from your kayak or canoe. During the fall and spring 1-3 million ducks, geese, swans and other migratory birds make their way to the Basin to rest and feed before continuing on their migratory journey. For the best birding opportunities, we recommend paddling early or late in the day. More than 260 species have been observed in the Klamath Basin so odds are you’ll see a bird or two. Paddling often allows an intimate look at white pelicans and smaller birds such as warblers and flycatchers.

ROE has been guiding kayakers for nearly 20 years. Our guided tours explore a variety of locations throughout the Klamath Basin and your guide will be there to help you with paddling techniques and to share information on the region and its people.  Explore our kayak tour options below!


Fishing, Kayaking, & ZipLine Adventures Await!


Explore Many Rivers, Exclusive Fishing Holes, & Styles of Fishing


Guided Hunting Trips in Areas Teeming with Waterfowl, Varmint, & Quail


3 Hours of Exhilarating Adventure, Mountain Views, & New Kid's Course